Sought after, colourful, fragrant, magical, natural … it’s a market! The idea for SPOPS was created and developed from the concept of markets. Markets are places of encounter and exchange, people, food, conversation and ideas and a place where you can take in and appreciate all the fragrances and colours of our earth. The greengrocers is a place of tradition, it is a place where everyone is welcome. SPOPS is a place to live and a place to utilise. A place where all the colours of the rainbow are found in the centre of Bari! It is a greengrocer where you can shop all day, every day. A bar where breakfast and lunch will be a welcome rest and in the evening, a restaurant, where the real atmosphere of SPOPS can be discovered, where the walls are adorned with works of art.

spops background fruttivendolo

Every day, fruit and vegetables arrive at the centre of Bari that have been carefully chosen by our greengrocers. From farm to fork or from crops further away; some of which are organic, we can always guarantee high quality foods. This is the aim of SPOPS to bring fresh quality products, always at a fair price.

spops background bar

Our bar is the perfect place to start the day! From morning until night, anytime is right! In this cosy and bright environment a break is what you need! From a traditional Italian breakfast or vegan products to a cool drink with a quick lunch, a vegetarian dinner or even afternoon tea, all of this is possible at SPOPS.

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Have you ever eaten at a greengrocer? Here you can! In a cosy atmosphere of flowers, colours and lights, the cooks at SPOPS offer the simple and genuine flavours of the land and region with care and creativity.

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Colour is what SPOPS is all about.


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Via Melo n.45-47-49
Angolo Via Abate Gimma n.24-26
70121 BARI
Tel. 080/5237208


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